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We cater to both wholesale and retail customers

Need landscaping supplies for your business? Want your flower beds redone, but you'd rather do it yourself? You can count on our delivery or u-haul options.

U-haul pricing:

Medium Bark (red or dark) $25.00/yard

Doublegrind Fine Bark (red) $27.00/yard

Doublegrind Fine Bark (dark) $28.00/yard

Cedar Grove Compost $22.00/yard

Topsoil $15.00/yard

Hog Fuel $14.00/yard



Delivery pricing:


For deliveries, the price of the product is the same as for u-haul, but there is a $55.00 flat rate delivery charge. Deliveries can be anywhere between 1-20 yards. Same day delivery is available on most occasions.



bark | Olympia, WA | Commodities Unlimited Inc. | 360-956-1076

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